Express with Colours (Toshiba & Intel)

Express with Colours
Toshiba & Intel / Ignition Factory
TV Advertisement

A short whimsical advertisement for Toshiba & Intel’s Facebook app, Express With Colours.

“My yearbook photos suck.” Easy Lee

When Ignition Factory approached us to pitch for a concept involving photo editing applications and great colours, we immediately thought of the same thing. School. Something we all look back with fond memories until we see the photos of how dorky we looked back then. We know it too well because we laugh at Easy Lee’s photos all the time.

With our natural flair in humanising technology, we crafted a whimsical tale of a school reunion party and lots of manual photo editing to replicate the digital version of it. Your reunion party and your photo shall suck no more.

Do check out Toshiba’s Facebook page.