Not A Problem (Pzifer Toviaz)

Not A Problem (Pzifer Toviaz)
Corporate Video

“You know what else bugs me?” Michael.

We’ve all ranted about meetings that never end or worse still, lead to nowhere. But what if it’s just a convenient excuse to cover something embarrassing which affects both your professional, social and family life?

The first of our over-active bladder (OAB) series, Not A Problem focuses on what we do best when faced with problems, deny that they exist! However, as the Chinese idiom goes, 纸包不住火, or paper can’t wrap fire, the problem persists until it exacts a huge cost on the sufferers life.

We hope that with our work, we are able to help sufferers face their problems and undergo successful treatments that will not only restore their dignity in life, but also their joy of life.