Taking Action (Pfizer)

Taking Action (Pzifer)
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“I always thought that I would not be able to do simple things that people take for granted.”

It’s Friday night and you’re watching a movie with your loved ones. The scenes are exciting, intense and now, the hero lies on the edge. Will he triumph over evil or will his beloved city burn along with him? You want to catch the conclusion to the climax of the film but… you end up having to pee while the hero makes his fateful choice.

Taking Action was inspired by the many stories that we’ve heard about overactive bladder (OAB) sufferers. Seemingly simple tasks and pleasures in life made completed by the fact that they are resigned to relieving their bladders all the time, interrupting work, sleep and life. But more importantly, we’ve also heard many stories where taking action is the first and most important step in regaining their lives back.