Temasek Secondary School’s 30th Anniversary

Temasek Secondary School’s 30th Anniversary
Temasek Secondary School
Corporate video

“There’s a long way more to go.”

Every story has its humble roots. Be it starting out with a cramped apartment filled with a second hand camera for us, or even 30 years ago with just 12 classes for Temasek Secondary School, it is always the roads that we built in our quests for glory and excellence that are remembered. Every now and then however, we do like to look back to our origins and contemplate about the journey thus far.

This summary of Temasek Secondary School’s 30th Anniversary is also the humble beginnings of Easy Productions. Starting out in a cramped office cubicle, Easy Lee started writing, producing, shooting, and directing videos for the school, often learning along the way as he grappled with edit suites, confusing jargon, and many, many other aspects of production.

This may not be great, but this shows how far we’ve come. And we’re damn proud of it.